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     Scott Remington was born November 18, 1965 to John and Gert Remington.  He was the youngest of five children.  Scott was raised in the small community of Brant Lake.  He attended North Warren Central School and was active in both soccer and basketball.  Following his graduation in 1984, Scott went to work in the family logging business for his father and uncle Jim.  Upon their retirement, Scott took over the business and ran it successfully for the next six years.

     On May 25, 1999 Scott was hurt in a logging accident that left him permanently paralyzed from the waist down.  He sustained an injury to his spinal cord at the T-9 level and since then has not been able to feel or move his body from that point down.  From that moment on, Scott's life was forever changed.  At times he felt helpless, distraught, and of course a flood of emotions abounded.  What he has gone through, doesn't even begin to compare to all he has had to overcome.  Following his accident, Scott was air lifted to Fletcher Allen Hospital in Vermont.  He spent the first several days in intensive care.  In the beginning he was on a ventilator, fought pneumonia and a blood infection.  There were days when everything seemed to be going down hill and it didn't seem possible he would make it through.  But slowly, Scott began to heal and make progress.  Some twenty days later, he was transferred to Kesseler Institute for Rehabilitation in New Jersey.  He spent almost two months there undergoing intense therapy.  He then returned home and continued therapy at Glens Falls Hospital for another six months.

     In the fall of 1999, on his way to therapy Scott made a very emotional statement to his sister, Renee.  He said: " I can't spend the rest of my life in a wheelchair."  Renee couldn't bear the thought of that anymore than he could.  She knew she had to do something to give him hope.  So, as she sat in the waiting room while Scott received therapy, she put her mind to work and the idea of a spinal cord research benefit sprang forth.  Scott and Renee joined together their family and friends and from that day forward they worked to help fund a cure for spinal cord injuries by hosting an Annual Spinal Cord Research Benefit.

     Christopher Reeve made a big difference in increasing the awareness of spinal cord injuries and in its research.  He was a true inspiration and the reason Scott chose his foundation to be the recipient of all proceeds raised at their Annual Spinal Cord Research Benefit.  Over the past 15 years, Scott is proud to announce that his benefit has raised over $500,000 for the Christopher Reeve Foundation ( Now the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation).  He is committed to help raising money for spinal cord research and will continue to support their foundation.

     Through the foundation, Scott had the opportunity to speak with freelance writer, Amy Montgomery.  From their very first conversation, Scott inspired Amy to write a book about his accident.  A few short years later " Just An Accident" was published.  To this day, Scott and Amy are actively involved in various speaking engagements and donated 10% of their proceeds from book sales to the foundation.

     On a personal level, today Scott is very involved in raising his two teenage children, John and Jenna.  He is also an avid hunter and snowmobiler.

     Looking to the future, Scott is committed to increasing awareness for spinal cord injuries, improving accessibility, and funding research.

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